What is the winning sports betting strategy?

The adrenaline of the game, the attraction of profits, even the possibility of getting rich are the main motivations of all bettors. Keep in mind that the betting strategies listed below are tips for sports betting that are intended to increase your chances of winning in the long term, are not mandatory and do not guarantee short-term winnings.

Bet on a limited number of events

You have probably seen players with lots of bet sheets or large sheets that contain dozens of bets when visiting a bookmaker. Some of them can win. But from an exclusively mathematical point of view, the probability of winning decreases, since the number of events in which you bet is large.

We recommend not to exceed 3 or at most 5 events per bet. Your chances of winning will be much better. In short: do not get your hopes of winning with a betting sheet of $ 200,000 based on 20 good and accurate football betting tips (shared by bookmakers, something that is suspicious in itself).

Choose average fees

The idea is to be reasonable and not to place impossible bets with very low chances of success. What is a reasonable bet? The one with a quota below 2.

Therefore, in addition to the first idea of making a maximum of 5 selections per bet, we recommend betting on 5 events that have odds below 2, so that the odds of the combination are at most 32. So, if you bet 10 $ with installments of 32, you will pocket $ 320 in total.

Avoid the extremes

This sports betting tip focuses on the amount you want to invest in a specific bet. Some recommend high stakes. Here we ask for caution, since a big loss translates into a burden on your budget, and therefore less (or more!) Bets in the future. In short, avoid placing bets if you can't take the losses.

Be patient

Of course, you want to win every day, but one of the first virtues of a winning bettor is patience. In addition, you should not bet every day. It is better to wait for a day when the offer of bets is generous and you can bet on sports that you know well. Otherwise, your chances of winning will be reduced.

Get informed

Winning your bets is not just a matter of luck, inspiration or intuition, as in the case of the lottery and the game. It depends largely on your ability to learn about sporting events.

Before choosing a match or an event, our recommendation is that you check the odds, the results of the previous matches, the evolution of the rankings and the next team calendar

Pay special attention to the starting, injured and sanctioned players. This will help you make the right decision.

Be optimistic

Although luck is not the main factor in your strategy, it cannot be denied. Therefore, it is important to maintain an optimistic attitude. Losing a bet is part of the betting process and it will also happen to you. Try to understand why instead of cursing the team that has disappointed you.

Follow the evolution of quotas

You may have noticed that the odds may fluctuate greatly as the match date approaches. These changes are related to the number of people who bet on a particular match, the amounts invested in one of the results or the latest news (an injury or the unavailability of a very important player).

Depending on how the fees change, you can make the right decision: descending fees usually imply that there is a greater likelihood of an event occurring, while for ascending fees there is a greater risk of the event occurring.

Remember that the winnings depend on the bets

When you bet a large amount, the winnings are high. You cannot expect a small bet to pay a lot, excluding exceptional cases. If you increase the bet and reduce the number of events in your combined bet, you can increase your chances of making significant winnings.

Avoid betting on physical betting establishments

Why should you prefer online bets to bets in physical establishments? The reasons are quite numerous:

  • Comfortable: there is no need to leave home during opening hours, web pages are available 24h / 7
  • Winnings are paid to your account and you can transfer them to your bank account
  • Live bets are possible
  • Live game broadcasts are available
  • Websites offer free bonuses and bets
  • Quotas are often more interesting
  • Manage your account